Innovation in lighting

Nina Fischer, Thu, December 07. 2023

A conversation with Georg Bechter about craftsmanship and his submission to Handwerk+Form 2023.

Lighting designer Georg Bechter provides insights into his creative process. The trained carpenter and architect is inspired by his experiences in architecture. The central focus is always on the question of which developments are in need of improvement.

In all his creations, technical perfection serves as the benchmark for him because only when something functions at 100 percent can it become a product. The idea for the “Light for the Wall” originated from the desire to inspire people with light. Through the fusion of aesthetics and technical precision, an innovative solution emerged, allow­ing for uniform wall illumination. This idea, which matured over several years, underwent an extensive development process that could only become a rea­lity with a certain tenacity and belief in success.

Georg Bechter emphasizes that he is not short of ideas. He sees the journey from idea to reality as a straightforward process. However, the time it takes for a product to hit the market can vary significantly. According to him, a certain unpredictability is part of the process – a product could be fully developed tomorrow, or it might need to start from scratch again. Sometimes, it works the other way around. A technical approach or a design vision that needs technical implementation can also lead to fruitful ideas.

Do you see yourself as a manufacturer or designer?

GB: Both. In architecture, it’s a lot about light. In light, I am a producer and bring something to life. However, since I don’t see my work as traditional craftsmanship, I would say that I consider myself a light producer who also designs the products.

“I am an inventor. The end result must be perfect to hit the market.”

Are you always satisfied with your objects?

GB: Yes, otherwise it doesn’t make it to the market. The original is usually the best.

What is your most successful object and why?

GB: The Dot-28-System that all our luminaires are based on. While I am an inventor, I am also responsible for our economic survival. In that sense, I am also an entrepreneur and take the people who work here and their jobs into consideration.

Ein Licht für die Wand

Handwerk+Form 2023
Category: Excellence
317 x 230 x 206 cm

Submission: Bechter Licht GmbH, Georg Bechter, Hittisau
Design: Georg Bechter, Hittisau
Partners: Gerola Metalltechnik GmbH, Manfred Kloser, Langenegg; Fetz Malerei GmbH, Michael Fetz, Alberschwende

What would you love to realize in the future?

GB: I don’t have anything specific in mind; it is what it is. Actually, I never intended to make a living from my ideas, and I didn’t plan on having a company with 20 employees.

If you hadn’t become a craftsman, what would you have become?

GB: To see and create – that’s at the core of who I am. I am a developer at heart, I want to move things forward, that’s what I enjoy. However, this can be done in other jobs as well. Light was actually just a coincidence. During my time in architecture, I once experimented for Handwerk+Form, and ultimately, a lamp emerged. But it could have been a latex bathtub, and today, I might as well have been a latex bathtub producer.

Is craftsmanship necessary, and what’s its purpose?

GB: The quality I see in craftsmanship is unmatched in any other profession. Craftspersons go through the entire development cycle to the finished product – all with a specific task and a straightforward answer. No other professional category can claim that.

What comes to your mind spontaneously when you think about the future of craftsmanship?

GB: I think of the Bregenzerwald. The businesses here are really well positioned. I hope that the younger generation can appreciate it as much as the current one. It’s always easier to build something than to maintain it.

Why do you participate in the design competition Handwerk+Form? What motivates you?

GB: Handwerk+Form is an experimental stage. People from different fields come together and collectively think about how to implement something. In everyday life, there’s often not enough time, so the competition is the perfect opportunity to concretize ideas.

“The quality I see in craftsmanship is unmatched in any other profession.”

This interview is part of the series “Experience Craftsmanship”.
The award-winning object “Ein Licht für die Wand” is exhibited in the current exhibition.


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