Please touch!
Experience craftsmanship.

Sat, December 09. 2023 – Sat, January 04. 2025

Werkraum Bregenzerwald

The follow-up format to Handwerk+Form. The exhibition from 9 December 2023 – 04 January 2025 invites you to understand craftsmanship with all your senses.

Craftsmanship must be experienced in order to be understood. That is why we want to create easy access for all visitors – to the impressive building of the Werkraum Haus, to the exhibited objects and to their manufacturers and designers. We therefore invite our visitors to touch and feel selected exhibits and to explore the stories behind their creation, to ask questions and engage with the craft and the personalities behind it and to feel your way into the soul of the craftspeople and perhaps take a piece of it home with you and carry it out into the world.

Kick-off event: Thursday, 07 December, 7 pm at the Werkraum

Schneid Schale Bolgenach ©️ Dominic Kummer

Bregenzerwald craftsmanship is characterised by the high quality standards of the product and the attitude of the craftspeople towards their own work. For them, a workpiece is never finished. It is subject to change over time, reacts to external influences and can always be further developed. It is as individual and unique as the personalities behind the object.


Over the course of the exhibition, the Werkraum Haus will become more and more a space for experiences and grow through a diverse supporting programme, lively collaborations and exciting encounters between people interested in modern craftsmanship.

0–8, Gute Nacht! ©️ Dominic Kummer

Craft and design in the Bregenzerwald

"Please touch! Experience craftsmanship." is the follow-up format to the Handwerk+Form 2023 design competition. In the exhibition, both award-winning and non-award-winning objects are shown next to workpieces from competitions in previous years. For the time being, 60 exhibits from the inventory of the craft businesses will be on display, supplemented by those from the Werkraum Depot of the Vorarlberg Museum.


Handwerk+Form took place for the ninth time in 2023 and was organised by the Werkraum Bregenzerwald in collaboration with the Andelsbuch Craftsmen's Association. The inspiring design competition invites craftspeople from the region to think outside the box and enter into collaborations with external designers and architects. The focus is on further development, invention, combination, inspiration and experimentation.

Learning from each other

The supporting programme for "Please touch! Experience craftsmanship." will be successively expanded over the nine-month duration of the exhibition. It will focus on various aspects that reflect the values of Bregenzerwald craftsmanship. In addition to lectures and discussions, pop-ups and exhibitions by external institutions will provide an insight into their view of craftsmanship and are intended to promote new perspectives, ways of thinking and the development of ideas. In workshops, visitors can get hands-on and are invited to have impressive experiences with craftsmanship and (re)appreciate their understanding of qualities and values.

Corvin Cristian, Cornel Hess

Nina Fischer

Exhibition graphics:
Julia Gridling, Nina Fischer

Dominic Kummer, Angela Lamprecht

vorarlberg museum
and the Werkraum members


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